Are you considering Permanent Make up?

(Also known as Cosmetic Tattooing)

If you're tired of smudges, smears, or uneven lines, then Permanent Makeup is for you. 



Who can benefit from Permanent Make up?

  • An individual who...


    • Is on the go and wants to save time
    • wants to enhance their features in a way that looks natural and not "made up"
    • wants to look their best during athletic activities such as swimming, biking, aerobics, or tennis
    • has limited dexterity or arthritis, or unsteady hands and cannot apply their own makeup
    • has lost some or all of their facial hair, including eyebrows and/or eyelashes
    • is allergic or sensitive to traditional makeup
    • is vision-impaired and finds it difficult to apply eye makeup
    • wants to have distinctive features — a type of beauty that will always be in fashion
    • is in the entertainment or modeling industry and doesn't want to be caught without their makeup
    • wants to look fresh and ready-to-go 24/7 — whether at home, traveling, camping, or swimming!

    The most important aspect of Permanent Makeup is NOT that it looks just as good as regular makeup, but that it looks better!  It has the advantage of not smudging, smearing, or coming off, and can last a lifetime.

  • About Vicki

    I have completed extensive schooling in Permanent Makeup and am well rounded in precision color blending.

    I am very professional, and will provide you with the quality care and attention needed for your procedure. 

    Contact Vicki at (503) 789-9444 for a complimentary consultation. 


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